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We tell stories that strike a balance between commercial goals and documentary storytelling.

Rooted in Oslo, Norway, we want to share narratives from the world.

We specialise in the unique intersection of commercial appeal and documentary depth, creating content that resonates with authenticity and intention.

  • Branded content and documentaries
  • Social Media content
  • Customer review videos
  • Internal communication
  • Success stories

The company is spearheaded by Christian Søgaard, a seasoned commercial director and documentary filmmaker. With a decade of experience in concept development, creative direction, and content strategy, Christian blends artistry with insight to create compelling narratives.

Our name reflects our approach:

Authentic: We dive into genuine storytelling, connecting directly with audiences and honouring your brand’s true spirit.

Unpolished: We preserve the raw essence of your story, avoiding over-editing to maintain its authenticity.

Raw: Our creative process is energetic and impactful, creating narratives that resonate and stick with viewers.

With a diverse network of freelance talent ready to infuse their creativity, we're geared to realise your vision — no concept is too bold, no budget too modest. 

We're here to collaborate. Reach out at


(AUR directed these videos in collaboration with another production company)
  • Client(s):
  • - The National Museen of Norway
  • - DOGA Norway

  • Proudction Company: Willy  & WeMake

  • What: Branded Film
  • Genre: Documentary


The National Museum of Art